For quality, we always go the extra mile

When it comes to quality, only the best is good enough for us. This high standard of quality is at the heart of our philosophy. Only if the articles you have chosen prove themselves over time in everyday life will you as client be satisfied in the long term. In order to guarantee this, quality at CG International encompasses several aspects.

Quality at first sight

One can instantly recognise the ideal design, the perfect fit, the meticulous craftsmanship and the harmonious details.

Quality in daily use

This is apparent especially when wearing and after washing. Here it is important that the article of clothing is hard-wearing, comfortable, easy to care for and kind to the skin.

Quality at source

Not immediately apparent, however the foundation of all positive characteristics; the quality which is inherent in the fabric. All materials used are carefully chosen, inspected and tested. The most up-to-date fabrics guarantee that all articles can effortlessly live up to our high demands.

Quality Made in Germany/Europe

The majority of our collection comes from Germany or Europe. This is valid for the fabrics as well as for the accessories or finishing. Your advantages are controlled standards of quality, short transport ways and quick delivery times.

CG International