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28 November 2012

Individuality is the theme at PSI 2013

Special Production from as little as 30 units

Nowadays it is no longer possible to convince many clients with standard articles alone. That is why the theme Special Production was under the spotlight for the trade fair presence of CG International at PSI 2013. A personalized apron from CG Workwear is available from as little as 30 units. » read more

28 September 2012

Fashionable and hard-wearing professional clothing

Polo shirts and trousers from CG Workwear

Outstanding durability, pleasant wear comfort and easy care are the exceptional qualities of CG Workwear polo shirts. They can be washed at temperatures up to 95°C without losing their colour or shape. In addition, they are suitable for industrial washing and finishing and are therefore perfect for frequent professional laundering and care cycles.
» read more

13 August 2012

Professional clothing with the Ökotex seal

Certification for CG Workwear and CG Fashion

As manufacturer of professional clothing, CG International GmbH has now received Ökotex 100 certification of its ranges. This worldwide recognized seal of approval certifies that the textiles are entirely safe for the health. » read more

24 July 2012

Aprons Made in Germany

Speed, quality and individuality

“Aprons were and are to this day the core competence of CG Workwear. We attach great importance to quality which fulfils the high demands of catering, to speed of delivery and also to individuality. All this can be perfectly achieved with our production in Germany”, says Cengiz Gürec, Manager of CG International GmbH. » read more

30 May 2012

Skin-friendly professional clothing

Optimum wear comfort with the natural fibre Tencel

For the current collection CG Workwear has discovered a textile which, due to its skin-friendly characteristics, is predestined for use in professional clothing: Tencel. The range includes chefs’ jackets, tunics and matching trousers. All articles are “Made in Germany”, washable at 95°C and suitable for driers. » read more

15 March 2012

One Apron – two models

Transform with a few simple movements

A day’s work in catering can feature the most diverse demands. Not only for staff, but also for their work clothing. The elegant bistro apron is perfect for service, but at the bar a bib apron would probably be more practical. » read more

24 February 2012

Organic cotton for front of house and kitchen

Shirts, blouses and chef’s clothing made of 100% Organic Cotton

The question of “organic” has long become a self-evident integral part of our everyday life. Now with CG Workwear it has also found its place in professional clothing for catering. The new organic cotton range includes blouses, shirts, chefs’ jackets and trousers. They are made of 100% organic cotton which originates from certified ecological cultivation. No harmful poisons or fertilizers are used, to the benefit our environment and our health. » read more

10 January 2012

A yen for more colour

A new trend also in catering clothing

The desire for colour is also finding its way into professional clothing. As CG Workwear is a trend setter and apron specialist, the company has extended its colour palette for aprons to 57 different shades. And thus offers its business partners the possibility of fulfilling their individual client wishes in every detail. » read more

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