Press article of 10 january, 2012

10 January 2012

A yen for more colour

A new trend also in catering clothing

The desire for colour is also finding its way into professional clothing. As CG Workwear is a trend setter and apron specialist, the company has extended its colour palette for aprons to 57 different shades. And thus offers its business partners the possibility of fulfilling their individual client wishes in every detail.

In the fashion world it has been evident for some time now that there is a move from rather boring uniform grey and sad black to a versatile colourfulness. Clothes, accessories and cosmetics are available in the most varied nuances, from soft pastel tones to bright bold colours.

A development which we at CG Workwear feel will also have an influence on professional clothing. In particular in the youthful catering sector, the fashion aspect plays a role which one cannot underestimate. This is also valid for the industry as a whole. Colours offer an excellent opportunity to emphasise individuality and image.

Taste, smell, touch and sight – a good gastronome will appeal to all these senses and also showcase optically as an authentic visual treat.

How great it is to have such an extensive choice: with aprons in 57 colours, CG Workwear currently offers the largest palette in the sector. With such a choice, every one of your clients’ wishes can be fulfilled. A further advantage: it is possible to order a sample apron in the desired shade of colour.

With this unique colour range, the manufacturer offers its specialist business partners a decisive advantage over competitors. The sales documentation is also exemplary. In the current catalogue all 57 colours are presented as original fabric samples. During the first meeting with the client, in-depth advice can be given; the client can feel the quality and see the original colour palette first-hand. For those who like to work online, at it is possible to visualize with one click every apron in every possible colour.

All aprons have the seal of approval “Made in Germany”. That means a reliable, consistent high quality: washable at 95°C, crease-resistant, colourfast, and suitable for industrial laundering and finishing. Furthermore, the production in Germany guarantees unbeatably fast delivery times. Standard colours are generally available for shipment within three working days; all other colours within a week.

In the context of corporate wear, there are naturally other articles besides the aprons which are available in the 57 colours: for front of house barista jackets, waistcoats and matching accessories; for the kitchen chefs’ jackets and trousers, or smocks for housekeeping.

Thus CG Workwear offers its clients a high quality, colourful palette for the full panoply within the catering and hospitality sectors.


CG International