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Just feel good

In our clothing, which we wear for eight hours or more, we like to feel really good. Everything which feels friendly and pleasant to our skin is what we wear with preference. That is why we chose all the materials we use at CG Workwear and CG Fashion very carefully and with discernment. Naturally, our textiles are certified Ökotex 100. This means that you are on the safe side health-wise with our work clothing.

Good to the skin

When you see this symbols you know that the fabric you have chosen is especially kind to the skin.

100 % Cotton

Cotton is one of the most skin-friendly materials that nature offers us. It is very absorbent and can hold up to 65% of its weight in water. Cotton has a temperature-regulating effect, is soft and pleasant to the touch and antistatic. Textiles with cotton also have a very low allergy potential and are therefore especially kind to the skin.


Tencel fibres are made of the cellulose in wood pulp and therefore of entirely natural material. Due to its exceptionally smooth upper surface there is no friction on the skin and so no irritation. This means Tencel is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Tencel fibres, with their distinctive structure, can absorb and release 50% more moisture than cotton. Therefore, they act as an excellent heat-regulator and clothing always remains cool and dry.
The propagation of bacteria is prevented naturally. The perfect moisture transportation of the fibre means no water film develops on the skin in which bacteria could form.


Bioactive fabrics have an antibacterial and odour-inhibiting effect. Silver ions in the threads stop the proliferation of bacteria and prevent unpleasant odours. This gives you a wonderfully fresh and well-groomed feeling all day long.

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