95ºC washable

CG Workwear all colours washable at 95°C

An exceptional quality characteristic of the CG Workwear range is that they are boil proof.
All articles can be washed at very high temperatures, up to 95°C.

With professional clothing one often has to deal with stubborn stains which cannot be removed at 40 or 60 degrees Celsius washing cycles. The residual traces soon give the clothing a dingy and unappetizing air – no-one wants to impose that on their guests, clients or patients!

At CG Workwear the whole range in all 59 colours can be washed at 95°C. This way the work clothing is not only cleaned in depth but also hygienically, which is especially important when working in the kitchen, spa or medical environment. The articles are boil proof and at the same time 100% colourfast as well as stable in shape. Even after numerous washing cycles at the highest temperatures the colours do not fade. The special indanthrene dye ensures this by conferring to the fabric exceptional washing, boiling, light, weather, and chlorine resistance.

Furthermore, all polo shirts as well as blouses and shirts with Elastolefin are also boil proof, therefore always keep their bright colours and perfect shape.

That's how your team will always give a positive impression and leave a good recollection.

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