Care tips

A neat appearance can be so easy to achieve

Almost no-one likes to spend their precious spare time washing and ironing. That is why the entire range from CG Workwear and CG Fashion is especially easy care. If you also observe these practical tips, then doing the laundry will be even quicker and simpler for you.

Generally, you should wash all clothing before you wear it for the first time and follow the care instructions on the label.

It is best to fasten all the buttons of blouses, shirts and jackets, certainly at least the top button. Place ties and cuffs inwards to protect them from tearing. Turn your clothing inside out as that will also protect the fibres.

Place your clothing gently in the washing machine and do not overfill the machine. Only then can the washing agent be spread evenly amongst the articles.

The maximum washing temperature is always indicated on the label. Often 40°C is enough. In view of greater intensity of use and especially hygiene demands, more frequent washing with higher temperatures up to 95°C is possible with the CG Workwear collections.

Take the freshly washed clothing out of the machine as quickly as possible. Hang the upper garments on clothes hangers and smooth down the seams. Then you will save on ironing completely or just need to lightly iron.

If the label also includes the drier symbol then you can put the article in a drier too. Remove the clothing immediately after the cycle has finished. If necessary, iron briefly and that’s it.

Important instructions: The aprons must be washed before the first use without fail!If you do not do so, stains can anchor in the weave which will be very difficult to remove later, even at high temperatures.


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