Stains Advice

The best first aid tips against stains

As nearly all articles in our collections are washable at a minimum of 60 C, all kinds of stains normally disappear without problem in the washing machine. However, if you wish to avoid allowing stains to dry and would like to deal with them immediately, here are a few tips to try out.

Foodstuffs stains

Chewing gum

Harden the chewing gum with icy-coldness (ice cubes or in the freezer compartment) then scrape off or brush off. Any residual traces can be removed using alcohol.


First of all scrape off as much chocolate as possible. Then cover the stain with a mixture of egg yolk and alcohol, or alternatively milk. Briefly allow to take effect and then wash out in warm soapsuds.


Wash out as quickly as possible in some warm soapsuds. If necessary, finish off with a diluted ammonia solution.


Cut a raw potato in two and rub the cut side over the spinach stain. Then wash out with soapy water.


Dab first lukewarm water and then glycerine on the stain.


Sprinkle salt on the damp stain but do not rub in. Allow to dry and then either brush off or dab off with cold water. In persistent cases a diluted ammonia solution may help.


Fruit stains can be treated with ox-gall soap, alternatively also with vinegar, lemon juice or warm alcohol.


Sprinkle the fresh stain immediately with salt, it will absorb the grease. If necessary, before washing apply a little washing agent on the stain.

Liquids Stains

Red wine

Salt helps – simply sprinkle on the stain and give it time to take effect. You can also try with shaving foam.

White wine

Here also it is possible to extract the moisture from the fabric using salt or treat immediately with hot water.


For coffee without milk lukewarm soapy water will suffice. Coffee with milk is best treated first with cold water.Then dab off with lukewarm glycerine and remove the stain with a mixture of water, alcohol and salt.


For fresh stains, warm soapy water will help. Dried beer can be removed using spirits and water.


Wash out as quickly as possible with ox-gall soap and warm water.


For this water is enough, first cold and then warm.


First of all rub with alcohol or diluted spirits. Then wash out with lukewarm soapsuds.

Apple juice

If hot water does not work, then rub the stain gently with a little spirits or diluted alcohol.

All of these methods for removing stains are simply tips. No guarantee can be given that they will work.

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