Press article of 13 august, 2012

13 August 2012

Professional clothing with the Ökotex seal

Certification for CG Workwear and CG Fashion

As manufacturer of professional clothing, CG International GmbH has now received Ökotex 100 certification of its ranges. This worldwide recognized seal of approval certifies that the textiles are entirely safe for the health.

Especially for professional clothing which must be worn in direct contact with the skin for eight hours or more, the health aspect is an important deciding factor.

“With the Ökotex seal we recognise our responsibility and give our clients the necessary security for making their purchase choices”, says Manager Cengiz Gürec.

Consumers know Ökotex mostly from their private textile purchases and expect the same standard for their work clothing. In particular, articles of clothing which come into direct contact with the skin should be free of harmful substances and materials. These specifications are entirely fulfilled with the brands CG Workwear for the catering and hospitality sectors and CG Fashion for chic business clothing.

Modern fabrics combining functionality, durability and wear comfort are the foundation. Exceptionally skin-friendly materials with Tencel, organic cotton or bioactive fibres ensure that one always feels good throughout a long working day.


CG International